First DTV signal in Canada sent from CN Tower


Toronto - Terrestrial Digital Television in Canada became official on Monday when a digital terrestrial signal, the first of its kind in Canada, was sent from the CN Tower. The "Global News Explorer" digital transmission was the product of a partnership between IBDG at Ryerson University, Global Television and Canadian Digital Television (CDTV).

The Global iTV News prototype, branded 'Global News Explorer,' pushes the limits of technology to demonstrate how viewers will interact with Global content to actively participate in community building. Numerous aspects contributing to the success of this prototype include, Video on Demand (VOD), personalization of content, targeted
t-Commerce and visual chat.

Global Television content delivery also expands into wireless appliances such as the 'Pocket PC.' The DTV transmission is a means of demonstrating this unique and inventive iTV prototype and extends Global News content by making it interactive, terrestrial and the first of its kind a pioneer.

The Global iTV prototype is an experimental, research-oriented product which illustrates the possibilities of enhanced and interactive news content.

Ken MacDonald, National Vice-President, Global News said, "Global News is very excited to be working with Ryerson University on this joint research project. Digital television has the potential to allow viewers to experience and interact with news content in an unprecedented, dynamic new fashion".

The Global iTV prototype is one of nine innovative and interactive broadcast prototypes funded by IBDG at Ryerson University. IBDG mentors research activity involving private and public sector organizations, to explore, develop and market Canada's resources in digital broadband communications.

The Ontario government is proud to support this initiative through the Interactive Digital Media Fund, a strategic investment fund that enables the growth of digital content industries in Ontario through broad-based partnerships. The IDM Fund is a program of the Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology, which is dedicated to positioning Ontario as one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for innovation and invention.

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