Company develops first HDTV compatible fluorescent discs


New York - Constellation 3D, Inc., developer of Fluorescent Multilayer Discs (FMD) and Cards (FMC), has announced that its ongoing HDTV ROM technology development program has yielded a significant achievement - the world's first HDTV compatible fluorescent discs and drives.

Technical requirements of the ROM disc data read and output rate in excess of 20 Mbits/sec were attained by using the latest advancements in the proprietary set of fluorescent dye-polymer compositions developed by Constellation 3D. The much higher data read rate and consequently higher resolution of HDTV requires greater disc capacity than DVD can provide.

Recent technological developments were successfully integrated into the Company's HDTV-ROM disc by its media technology group. Sample disks were played and tested using proprietary fluorescent disc drives designed and built by C3D's drive group. The HDTV fluorescent disc drives include widely available standard red laser drive components as well as an internally developed optical pick-up mechanism, signal filtering system and analog/digital data processing components.

Constellation 3D, Inc.'s President, Dr. Eugene Levich, stated that, "HDTV players and media are the necessary and enabling technologies allowing for a further proliferation and acceptance of the HDTV ready television sets already in use and being retailed around the world. The significance of today's achievement underscores the importance of our recently announced relationships with WAMO and Profilo Telra. Today we are able to demonstrate that our FMD technology will support the growing high density, High Definition markets with a viable, cost effective and aesthetically rich solution.''

Steve Haddad, C3D Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, said, "This is a significant accomplishment on the part of our technology team. These developments enhance and augment the continued execution of our commercialization strategy which includes providing product demonstrations under non-disclosure with key prospective partners, content providers, industry leaders and early adopters of the removable storage platform format of the future.''

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