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Toronto - Rogers Cable Inc. today announced the introduction of Enhanced Television.

Available for the first time in Canada, Enhanced TV opens up a new world of information and shopping to Rogers Digital Cable customers.

The new service allows Digital Cable customers to interact with a program or commercial. Viewers can call up Enhanced TV by clicking on the icon that appears on the upper left corner of their television screen which will give them access to further information such as news, sports, or weather.

Viewers will also have the ability to make a purchase or request further product information, such as a brochure. There is no cost to customers for Enhanced TV.

Enhanced TV will immediately be experienced on the following US channels, twenty-four hours a day; CNN, CNN Headline News and CNBC. There are also several other US networks with specific programs that are enhanced, such as TBS, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

"This is the beginning of a new era of interactive television," said John Tory, President and CEO, Rogers Cable. "It opens up a world of information and shopping possibilities for our digital cable customers - a world literally at the fingertips and using the familiar television set."

Rogers is working with broadcast partners such as CHUM Television (Citytv, CablePulse 24, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic), CFMT Television and Sportsnet to launch enhanced Canadian programs prior to the end of the year.

According to Jay Switzer, President, CHUM Television, "Building relationships with our audiences has always been a priority for CHUM. Now with Enhanced TV, not only will we have opportunities for even greater communication with our viewers, we'll be providing advertisers with new ways to reach their consumers."

Molson Canada are amongst the first advertisers to come on board. "We believe that Enhanced TV will allow us to deepen our relationship with our consumers through interactivity," said Jo-Ann McArthur, President, Molstar Sports & Entertainment and Vice-President, Marketing Assets, Molson Canada.

"It can enhance our live sports broadcasts by providing additional relevant content to the viewer or give our consumers the chance to instantly learn more about our events and provide them with an easy opportunity to purchase tickets. It takes a one way passive activity and turns it into a two way active relationship."

L'Oréal Canada is currently developing with Rogers an Enhanced TV advertisement trial for the Canadian market. "The L'Oréal Group has declared Canada one of its test markets for Interactive TV and is focused on learning more about this new andinnovative technology, " said Martin Husar,Interactive Media & Technology, Corporate Communications, L'Oréal Canada Inc.

In addition to Molson Canada and L'Oréal Canada, Rogers will also feature Enhanced TV advertising for the following brands: Rogers AT&T; Wireless, Rogers @Home, Rogers Interactive TV, Rogers Digital Cable, NFL Sunday Ticket, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Phantom's.

Rogers is using technology provided by Wink Communications Inc., based in Alameda, California. Wink is the leading provider of mass-market interactive television solutions. Introduced three years ago, Wink's Enhanced TV is now available to more than 5 million households in North America.

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