Event Search Tips
All Words - Use this method when you must have ALL words appear in the resulting Event text.
Phrase - Use this method when you are looking for a particular phrase in the resulting Event text.
Any Word - Use this method when you want a broad search of the Event text.
Sort By
Date - Results will appear by Event Date in ascending order.
Event Name - Results will appear by Event Name in alphabetical order.
City - Results will appear by City in alphabetical order.
Date Range - By default, the search encompasses ALL dates. To narrow your search click the CheckBox. Then choose the dates within which the resulting Events will take place. The 'From date' includes from the first day of the month. The 'To' date includes up to the last day the month.
Event Category - Select an Event Type to narrow your search. 'ALL TYPES' is recommended.
Organizer -  Knowing the organizer name will help narrow your search. If you want to see ALL events(past & future) for one organizer only you can select the name from the list and click 'Go!'. Alternatively, to see only upcoming events for an organizer you can use the Date Range feature or the 'Organizers' link from the events menu.