Article Search Tips
All Words - Default Option. This option gives you the best results when you are searching for specific information.
Any Word - Choose this option when you want the broadest possible search.
Sort By
Date - Default Option. Results will appear by publication date with latest date first.
Relevance - Results will be ranked by relevance to your query, with the highest ones first.
Searching for Exact Phrases
You can group words into a phrase in order to narrow your search. For example, suppose you were looking for a company name like "home depot". By enclosing the words within double quotes you would ensure that stories containing the words 'home' or 'depot' alone DO NOT get into the results. You can have more than one grouping of words but they must all be properly quoted. You can also mix phrases with single words e.g. "World Trade" Globalization, will search for stories with the phrase 'World Trade' and the word 'Globalization' in them. In other words, you must have an EVEN number of double quotes in your search.