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March 5, 2001

by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

Leitch systems continue to advance video technology as media distribution channels converge. We continue to think video @ Leitch, and as such will be demonstrating the following innovative products at NAB 2001:

Leitch is unveiling pioneering technology in system management with its new Command Control SystemTM. This innovative control system encompasses new hardware control panels, both Windows® and browser-based applications, and support for third party manufacturers via serial or Ethernet ports. One of the software applications already shipping, PilotTM, contains all the tools you need to configure, control, monitor and secure access to the equipment on your network, including almost all Leitch product lines.

Expect groundbreaking announcements in our renowned synchronization, interface, conversion and processing solutions, which include DigiBus, Genesis and Digital Glue. Developments include new expanded functionality for efficiently managing the digital integration of old and new standards and formats on various transport technologies - including fiber.

Equally suited for use in analog, digital or hybrid facilities, the DPS-475 Multi-Function Analog/Digital Video Synchronizer represents the ideal choice for broadcasters making the transition to DTV. Available in video only and audio/video configurations, this synchronizer provides an ideal bridge from analog video signals, such as satellite and microwave feeds, to digital production facilities.

Our copied, but not duplicated (patented) VR Technology servers remain the smallest footprint server system with the largest play-out capability on the market. Leitch's VR440™ will display 4 to 40 plus channels of video with all the software application values that are included in each server, thereby proving our scalability and value proposition to all customers. With the VR440, at-will access means a tapeless, digital solution without transferring files, copying video or managing multiple storage sites.

Preview our NewsFlash II non-linear editor, which is fully integrated with our patented VR Technology servers. This display will include BrowseCutter's journalist workstations and access to archival media using our innovative and economical DVD Archiving. Our eloquent newsroom integration is complete from news service to our scaleable play-out transmission server systems.

Fully integrated with Leitch's full line of routing switchers is the futuristic Opus™ master control switcher, which integrates today's digital and tomorrow's HD standards, providing broadcasters worldwide with a robust, flexible and economical choice. Opus includes 8:4:4 video processing and features full program and preset bus transitions, including mix, vee, fade-out and cut-fade as standard. Built-in control of Leitch routers and servers, complete automation flexibility, optional DVE, and optional key, border and shadow are extra features that make Opus an excellent choice in master control.

Leitch's Integrator™ routing systems (from 32 x 32 to 512 x 512) ease your digital system integration, accommodating multi-standards/formats and featuring expanded features and control. Visit the Leitch booth to experience how Leitch's Blue3 dynamic network fabric provides bomb-proof reliability, scalability from 32 x 32 to 512 x 512, and multi-format flexibility.

Preview Leitch's new Data Port router, which is field expandable from 32 to 128 ports and provides economical routing of RS422/232 machine control signals.

Also new for Integrator™ in 2001 is a comprehensive portfolio of AES audio modules, providing synchronous switching of AES signals, AES output monitoring, analog audio to AES audio conversion, and AES audio to analog audio conversion.

Be sure to get the details on the new HD 32 x 32 router in the Integrator™ series, and don't miss Leitch's new Tie-Line Management Software Application, SNMP support, and full control and monitoring from our revolutionary Command Control SystemTM.

New in 2001, Leitch's new VSE serial distribution amplifier in the 6800 series now supports SDI & ASI formats and is ideal for the distribution of MPEG compression transmission signals. Our new analog DA in the 683 series features a new surface mount board, DC coupled input and excellent frequency response and linearity.

Leitch's new series of SDI modules now support ASI and route all composite, component and wide screen serial standards and are ideal for routing MPEG compression transmission signals. Also new for 2001 is the new AES synchronous quiet switch router module, which features a 75 ohm coaxial interface and can be combined with other video or audio modules for multi-level routing.

Prophecy, Leitch's 12x2 wideband router, is our newest addition to an already extensive router portfolio. It routes data rates from 30 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s and can effectively be used as a low cost HD "on-air" master control switcher. You're future-proofed with Prophecy, as it offers a clear growth path from SDI to wide bandwidth signals such as HDTV, and is ideal for emergency bypass applications.

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