Panasonic to Debut Multi-Format 24P DVCPRO HD Camcorder
March 5, 2001

by -- Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company announced last week the AJ-HDC24A 2/3” IT 3-CCD Variable-Frame rate DVCPRO HD Camcorder, the world's first digital camcorder to acquire 720-line, 24-frame progressive scan HD images for digital cinema, television episodic, DVD and web production applications. The AJ-HDC24A’s three 2/3” IT CCDs feature 1280x720 effective pixel resolution and an on-chip lens system, resulting in a high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux (in 24-frame mode at 50% shutter), exceptional smear immunity and astounding color accuracy. The frame switchability of the AJ-HDC24A allows for 59.94fps, 23.98fps and several other frame choices. The AJ-HDC24A will be compact size and light weight, similar to typical standard definition camcorders, and provides 46 minutes of HD recording on a single compact cassette at a 100Mbps video recording rate.

The AJ-HDC24A offers 12 assignable scene file set-ups; four files can be stored inside the camcorder, and eight files can be stored on a removable Secure Digital (SD) and multi-media memory card. The camcorder offer a maximum 36dB gain and a user can allocate three levels (high/mid/low) from among 10 gain selector settings extending from –6 dB to + 30 dB. Its Super Gain function allows easy pushbutton selection of the maximum +36 dB gain setting in a single keystroke. Even at +36 dB, quality images are available in low lighting conditions all the way to 0.7 lux.

The AJ-HDC24A offers excellent audio capabilities including two channels of high-quality 16-bit/48-kHz digital audio, three microphone inputs (or one mic and two line level inputs), and a high-performance compressor circuit, which allows for automatic level control without audible artifacts -- extremely handy when capturing unpredictable live audio.

The AJ-HDC24A offers easy menu browsing and setup via viewfinder or external monitor character readouts. To deliver the film “look,” the AJ-HDC24A’s advanced color correction scheme utilizes a 12-pole color matrix that allows very specific colors to be set, especially when critical color matching is vital.

Standard features of the AJ-HDC24A include two user-customized buttons for setting either Super Iris, Super Gain, Super Black, Black Stretch, switch Audio CH1/CH2 inputs to front/rear ; a six-speed Electronic Shutter with Synchro-Scan capability; 2/3” Standard Lens Mount; Dual ND and CC filters; two HD-SDI Outputs; genlock video input; timecode I/O; and SMPTE time code.

Additional information on the AJ-HDC24A will be announced at NAB 2001.

Also at NAB2001, Panasonic will introduce the AJ-HD130DC, a half-rack DVCPRO HD VTR for desktop, mobile and field operations.

Highly compact at only 8-7/16” wide, 5-1/4” high and 16-15/16” deep, this 19-pound DVCPRO HD VTR is the world’s smallest high definition production recorder. Operating on either 120V AC or 12 Volt DC power, the AJ-HD130DC requires only a small footprint in HD desktop editing applications, and is ready-to-go for installation in a mobile van or in-field use.

By recording on DVCPRO HD’s high-density 1/4-inch tape, the AJ-HD130DC offers 46 minutes of high-quality 1080 x 1920 interlace scan or 1280 x 720 progressive scan High Definition recording at a 100Mbps video recording rate. The AJ-HD130DC offers eight 16-bit, 48kHz digital audio channels for multi-channel applications and a 1.5Gbps, SMPTE 292M HD Serial Digital Interface for easy connection with other digital television equipment.

The highly versatile AJ-HD130DC features a built-in HD/SD downconverter for real-time downconversion of 1080i or 720p images to 480i, permitting standard definition dubs or monitoring on an NTSC monitor. The downconverter also permits the output of HD and SD signals in parallel for simultaneous HD/SD signal transmission. In addition, the downconverter allows users to change the image’s aspect ratio to fit the monitor of choice; selections include 4:3 sidecut, 16:9 letterbox, 14:9 and 13:9 modes.

A perfect product for the growing Business-to Business HD Presentations market, the AJ-HD130DC offers advanced auto-playback functions, including auto rewind, auto repeat and memory stop. Additional functions include built-in SMPTE time code generator/reader with time code input/output, headphone output with volume control, RS-422A 9-pin remote control terminal, and optional AJ-A95 9-Pin Remote Controller.

The AJ-HD130DC will be available in May 2001. Pricing is to be announced.

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