November 21, 2003

by -- Broadcaster Magazine

Broadcaster's 2004 Communications Calendar will be included in the December 2003 issue and provides you, the advertiser, with a unique and cost-effective promotion opportunity.

Broadcaster will once again publish our pullout, wall calendar which will contain dates, venues and contacts for all the important industry shows, conferences and meetings, in Canada and around the world, during 2004. Readers use and refer to the calendar for these critical events/dates - constantly over a twelve-month period. The calendar will be bound into the December 2003 issue of Broadcaster and distributed to our entire national circulation list.

This is one of the most popular features with our readers and you’ll find the calendar on the walls, in offices, of industry decision-makers throughout Canada -- your prime target markets. This means your advertisement, on the calendar, keeps promoting your company’s image over a twelve-month period of time. This is the most cost-effective promotion buy you can make.

The cost for one advertising unit, on the calendar, is $2900.00 NET (CDN FUNDS). The price includes: the calendar unit: any process (four) colours you may wish to use; all design; artwork and final colour separations costs. All you are required to do is decide on the copy and, if you wish, layout that you would like to incorporate in you calendar advertisement. Broadcaster does the rest.

If you require additional information or have any questions please contact me at: jcook@broadcastermagazine.com or telephone at: 416-442-2106; CDN: 800-268-7742, press 1, dial 2106; USA: 800-387-0273, press 1, dial 2106.

We trust this is satisfactory and look forward to including your advertising message in this special feature of Canada’s communications magazine.

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