December 3, 2003

by -- Broadcaster Magazine

The January 2004 issue of Broadcaster--Canadaís broadcasting magazine--is our special Video Issue. In this issue, our editorial staff will review the latest technology available to Canadaís video industry, facilities upgrades, and interviews with the decision-makers in the marketplace, etc.

The January issue will include an update on HDTV in Canada. We will present articles on the status of HDTV in Canada today, the latest in technology, and exclusive interviews with key personnel in the industry. In addition the January issue will include a special HDTV Equipment Report. We will provide information on HDTV products being marketed in the Canadian marketplace, who is marketing these products, etc. This editorial environment affords you, the advertiser, the opportunity to promote your HDTV products, support your distributors/dealerís efforts, etc.

Broadcasterís national circulation includes every director of engineering/operations directors, as well as operations people - the people using the equipment and the people making the technical purchasing recommendations. Our circulation also includes management personnel - the people paying for the purchase of equipment. Each subscriber copy is sent to an individual by name, title, company name and address. There is no waste circulation, therefore your advertisement obtains maximum exposure, to the largest number of qualified readers - and our circulation is Audited Bureau of Circulationís audited.

We are recommending consideration be given to running a display advertisement in the January issue. This important issue is read and retained, by our readers, to determine what new HDTV products are available, and which companies are marketing these products. Hence, excellent exposure to the people with the purchasing authority in Canadaís broadcast industry.

For further information and space reservations please contact: James Cook, e-mail:; Telephone: 416-442-2106; CDN TOLL FREE: 800-268-7742, press 1, dial 2106; USA TOLL FREE: 800-387-0273, press 1, dial 2106.

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