KOMO 4 WINs Earth-quake RATINGS BATTLE Great News Reporting and Quantel Inspiration Shine Through Seattle Shaker
March 20, 2001

by -- Broadcaster Magazine

NEWBURY, UK, 19 March 2001: Quantel servers have withstood an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, enabling Seattle broadcaster KOMO 4 Television to stay on air throughout the quake.

The earthquake hit Seattle on Feb 28, 2001. While the ground shook and buildings swayed for over 40 seconds, the Quantel Inspiration system continued to function unaffected.

"The servers were working before, during and after the earthquake," said Trevor Francis, Business Manager, News at Quantel, who was visiting KOMO at the time. "It is testament to the rugged design of the equipment that even though they are full of mechanically vulnerable technology, the four servers sustained no internal damage."

KOMO 4 has also come out on top of the monthly Neilsen ratings for the news program produced on the Inspiration, beating fierce competition. "Inspiration gives us the flexibility that our competition does not have." said Mark Simonson, KOMO’s Director of Engineering. "It gives our content producers the technical tools to compete in this market - and win." KOMO won the crucial 6:30 pm local news slot during February 2001.

Inspiration is a Quantel/OmniBus integrated news production system. The Inspiration system at KOMO contains the Clipbox Power and Clipbox Studio servers from Quantel.

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