March 27, 2001

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Newbury, UK, 27 March 2001: Quantel today announces that with Clipbox Studio broadcasters of any size can produce an entire news broadcast with a single operator and at an affordable price.

Clipbox Studio is an all-in-one production centre that gives stations the power to produce programmes with exceptional graphics and effects, make final second changes to running order and playout to air in a fraction of the time required for tape.

As the number of news broadcasters increases and DTV becomes more widely accepted, the battle for ratings is set to become ever more frantic. By using Clipbox Studio even local news operations can produce programming of international quality, with strong branding and great visual effects.

"Our high performance news server, Clipbox Power, is in use in the most demanding applications around the world, " said Nigel Turner, Director of Marketing at Quantel. "We've taken that same technology and combined it with our expertise in graphics to develop an entirely new platform for live production. Clipbox Studio will find many applications in both small and large broadcasters, offering them the ability to produce better quality programming at less cost."

A system can be specified that is capable of producing a live news broadcast using only a single Clipbox Studio and a Studio FX control panel.

Clipbox Studio is much more than a server; offering live DVE, mix/effects and keying. All clips can have an associated moving key and the unit will combine one moving clip over another, while resizing, positioning and masking and play the combined scene out of a single port.

It offers the broadcaster immediate savings in VTR running costs and can extend the life of existing studio equipment - it effectively adds at least another effects bank to even the simplest switcher. Station branding and on-air look can be preserved, even under the most demanding news conditions, by dropping the latest shots into pre-constructed stacks seconds before air.

Material can be recorded from a VTR or from a live input using the unique Loop Record facility. Clips can then be trimmed to the required length or a sub-clip made. Clips and stills can also be cropped to focus attention on particular detail.

Open to a wide variety of automators, Clipbox Studio can be built into systems scaled all the way up to the famous Inspiration configuration.

About Quantel

Having recently completed a management buyout, Quantel is now bringing to bear its 25 years of experience at the forefront of digital technology for television on creating new tools for the new digital age, covering everything from terrestrial and satellite television to broadband internet, DVD and d-cinema. The new iQ platform for co-operative content creation joins a world-leading portfolio of Quantel products which includes Henry Infinity and Editbox editing systems, Inspiration news systems, Clipbox Power and Studio servers and Paintbox graphics systems.

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