Araneo Ltd. Selects Espial Escape Browser to Power New Digital Video Receiver with Full Internet Access
May 22, 2002

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2002/05/22 - Ottawa, Canada : Espial, creator of software that powers the world of smart Internet devices, announced today that Araneo Ltd. is using the Espial Escape Browser to provide full Internet access on standard television screens. Araneo is the first company to market purely IP based digital video receivers that can be used within television sets.

"Araneo's selection of Espial technologies for their products provides them with Internet functionality and compatibility with emerging broadcast standards," said Dr. Neale Foster, Director of Marketing for TV at Espial. "Rendering Web content on a TV monitor is not an easy task, but due to the advanced capabilities of Espial Escape, pages are formatted for proper display."

Araneo's TV/IP Module, is an IP-based solution that is integrated into the existing architecture of new televisions for use with broadband technologies such as DSL, cable modems and local area networks. The Espial Escape browser will provide Web access, including email and wall-gardened viewing. Formatting for TV is configurable in the browser through features such as automatic fit-to-TV-screen-width, true 2-D remote control navigation, font-flooring, and fast zooming and panning.

"Successful deployment of the Java-based Espial browser in the set-top box market provided us with an excellent example of how the technology can be used directly in our devices," said Tommy Orpaz, vice president of marketing at Araneo. "We were impressed with the speed that Espial solutions can be implemented due to the advanced design work. An added benefit of selecting Espial it that it allows us to meet MHP and OCAP digital standards, to future-proof our products for upcoming compliance requirements."

Product Availability
Espial and Araneo are providing demos of this solution at Mediacast 2002 in London this week. For more information, or for a demo of the Espial Suite for TV, contact More information about the Espial's Java technology solutions can be found at

About Araneo
Araneo develops core technologies and applications for enabling the delivery of premium video on demand content to viewers. The company's flagship IP TV modules, which are driven by IBM's advanced STB chips, enable accessing any type of digital video content and viewing it over existing equipment. Araneo's modular software components are customized in a fast time-to-market to provide the basis for OEM partnerships with leading providers, equipment manufacturers and content creators. For more information, please go to

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