First Beta Of Grass Valley Man Real-Time Shared Storage Successful At Australian Broadcasting Corporation
March 5, 2001


SYDNEY, Australia, January 31, 2001 - The Grass Valley Group announced today that the world's first Beta customer installation of its Grass Valley Media Area Network (MAN) real-time shared-storage option for the Profile XP Media Platform has been successfully trialled at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Melbourne, Australia. This site will be an important resource in the ongoing development of the Grass Valley Group's MAN real-time shared storage architecture.
The ABC, after extensive evaluations of disk server technology and based upon their desired future directions, decided to form a partnership with the Grass Valley Group for the development and deployment of the Grass Valley MAN real-time shared storage technology throughout the ABC in Australia. The ABC also has formed similar partnerships with other key suppliers to enable this technology to be implemented.

"The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is one of the most sophisticated broadcast organizations in the world. Our contact with them over the years has been of immeasurable value in terms of shaping our next-generation digital broadcast technologies," said Tim Thorsteinson, president of the Grass Valley Group. "Our partnership with the ABC through the beta of the MAN real-time shared-storage technology, which already stands apart from all other shared-storage solutions, will result in a tremendously powerful product for the industry."

Unlike other offerings, the Grass Valley MAN option for the Profile XP Media Platform simultaneously provides users access to tools that reside on standard Windows NT-based networks and access to broadcast-quality video record and playout from Profile devices.

The ABC's Systems Engineering Group together with the Grass Valley Group are implementing the Grass Valley MAN technology, which allows the ABC to transfer between, and playout media files throughout their key News facilities in Australia in a fast, efficient way while maintaining the highest quality and integrity of the original material.

When completed, all media will be transferred within each site in their native MPEG file formats. The ABC will be the first Australian broadcaster to embrace this type of technology in Australia.

The ABC will implement MAN real-time shared-storage Profile XP Media Platform systems throughout the ABC News and Presentation infrastructure during this year. The initial Melbourne site will be progressively enhanced over the trial period to a proposed on air date in the coming months.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is committed to providing an innovative and comprehensive broadcasting service that contributes to a sense of national identity reflecting the cultural diversity of the Australian community.

The ABC is the National Broadcaster funded by the Commonwealth Government whose broadcasting genre aims to inform, entertain and educate.

The ABC operates five national and local radio networks and one national television service. ABC services are transmitted by 640 radio and 485 television transmitters throughout Australia. It commenced digital television transmissions on 010101.

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