Omnibus Systems wins advance order for 8th Warner Cable news station
December 9, 2002

by -- Broadcaster Magazine

OMNIBUS SYSTEMS has received an order worth more than half a million dollars to provide news automation, media & asset management and playout solutions at an eighth Time Warner Cable 24-hour news channel that will be based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The station, TWCís first local news operation in the American Midwest, is scheduled to go to air in the summer of 2004 with technologies developed by OmniBus and Time Warner Cable. The first deployment of this technology was earlier this year at NY1 News, the companiesí flagship station in New York.

"Placing this order so far in advance of the project shows tremendous commitment from Time Warner Cable to the continued use of OmniBus as its provider of technical infrastructure and operational facilities at its local cable news centers across the US," says David Parry-Jones, OmniBusí group executive, global sales.

"Working with Omnibus, we were able to deploy a technical and production infrastructure that would allow Time Warner Cable to continue to successfully launch 24 hour local news channels," says Harlan Neugeboren, vice president of engineering and technology for Time Warner Cable. "This infrastructure will allow Time Warner Cable to continue to add new functionality to the system due to the fact that we have made extensive use of the Omnibus implementation of the MOS Protocol, the Omnibus Desktop Active X and Sequel databases.

"We have a unique relationship with Omnibus in that we are more of a development partner than a typical client. Omnibusí extensive experience in news automation and its continued investment in future technology allows each of us to benefit greatly. Also, they have a great deal of project management expertise and staff that has allowed us to deploy five 24 hour local news channels in one year" adds Neugeboren.

Time Warner Cableís local news channels operate a wheel format that contain an hourís worth of both live and pre-recorded items. The model allows the wheel to be updated by the producer when new material becomes available.

Using OmniBusí tight integration with APís ENPS newsroom system via the MOS protocol, the OmniBus control layer integrates the entire production process, controlling the ingest of raw material, editing at the desktop, media and asset management and playout.

Journalists utilizing the OmniBus Desktop Control from within the ENPS newsroom system can add graphics to scripts, search and restore video from the archive as well as browse and edit high-resolution video.

Other key components of the operation are Pinnacle servers and Vertigo graphics products that are all integrated using the OmniBus media and asset management.

The Milwaukee station will be based on the Time Warner Cable model that concentrates on local breaking news stories, community-based reporting and extensive coverage of weather and traffic.

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