Fujifilm Ignites High-Definition Production with HD331 Digital HD Videocassettes for HDCAM Systems
May 7, 2001

by -- Fuji Photo Film Canada

Demonstrating its commitment to the development of superior imaging technologies for professional clients including broadcasters, filmmakers and TV series producers, Fujifilm Canada introduces the power of high-definition with the HD331 digital HD videocassettes for HDCAM-format recording.

"Digital HD technologies offer an outstanding leap in image quality for professional users " says Kelly Pulford, Director of Marketing, Magnetic and Motion Picture, Fujifilm Canada. " Fujifilm's HD331 Digital videocassettes are equipped with all of the advanced technologies and features that our professional clients require in creating cutting edge productions."

HD331 Digital Videocassette and the HDCAM System
HDCAM systems are high-definition digital broadcasting systems using half-inch metal tape. They are expected to gain wide acceptance as the system of choice for next generation content origination.

Fujifilm's HD331 videocassettes feature newly developed ultra fine magnetic metal particles and Fujifilm's proprietary Super Calendering technology for an ultra-smooth magnetic layer surface. As a result, they achieve the high output and low noise required for high-quality HDTV broadcasting. In addition, a strong new binder material and new long lasting lubricant assure stable tape transport and durability under adverse operating conditions, for outstanding reliability that helps protect valuable recordings. High precision, high rigidity cassette shells also keep dropouts and the error rates low by preventing tape deformation and damage.

With the introduction of HD331 videocassettes, the Fujifilm line of broadcast-use digital video tapes now include products for everything from conventional SD broadcasting to HDTV broadcasting, all designed to meet the exacting demands of today's professional users.

Fujifilm High Definition Videocassettes: The new production standard
Fujifilm High Definition (HD) videocassette technologies are helping customers like Sim Video Productions to deliver the very best in next generation broadcast technologies to its film and television clients. Sim Video Productions rents video and film packages, including cameras, tape, non-linear editing systems, as well as sound and lighting equipment, to high-end broadcast and film productions in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles. As a premiere supplier to some of North America's biggest television and film projects, Sim Video chose Fujifilm's HD331 videocassettes for their superior reliability, durability and imaging results.

"The stark improvement in image quality and production costs that HD technologies bring to broadcast and film making has sparked a steady transition from conventional film stock, which requires laborious processing, to HD videocassettes. Fuji Magnetic Products have an industry-wide reputation as the best in the digital videocassette category and, given our clients expectations for high quality, we naturally went with Fuji's HD331 Videocassettes," says Rob Sim, President of Sim Video Productions.

The HD331 Videocassette follows in the tradition of Fujifilm's superior DVCPRO, Betacam SP and Digital Betacam videocassettes. All provide the very best in reliability, durability, storage and performance, making Fujifilm the pro videocassette of choice for well known television productions, such as Ally McBeal and The Practice. The HD 331 Videocassette with its proprietary Super Calendaring Technology for high C/N ratio and low error rate will provide HD broadcasting with the high output quality these productions require.

"Television and film productions operate under extreme time, budget and environmental constraints. Time wasted dealing with technical malfunctions can seriously compromise the integrity of a production, so I ensure that Sim Video Productions supplies our clients with the best technologies available," says Sim. "Fujifilm's magnetic products, such as the HD331, give us the confidence and security that our clients will be more than satisfied with the production process and final result."

For more information on Fujifilm's HD331 videocassettes and other professional audio and video products, please visit www.fujifilm.ca or call 1-800-663-0690

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