Fujifilm introduces Betacam SX321 videocassettes for Betacam SX systems, the latest addition to Fujifilm's growing line-up of broadcast-use digital videotapes
May 15, 2001

by -- Fuji Photo Film Canada

TORONTO, ON, May 2001

The Professional Video Division of Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc. introduces Betacam SX321 videocassettes for Betacam SX systems. Betacam SX systems use a digital recording format that supports MPEG-2 compression and can also play back the Betacam 'legacy' formats.

By adding Fujifilm Betacam SX321 videocassettes to its broadcast-use digital videotape line-up, Fujifilm now offers professional quality tapes for a wide variety of applications ranging from conventional Standard Definition to HD broadcasting.

The SX321 videocassettes are also the latest in a string of recent additions that have included Fujifilm's HD331 (HDCAM format), DP1001 (DVCPRO HD format), and DP151 (DVCPRO 50).

Fujifilm's SX321 videocassettes feature newly developed ultra-fine high-output magnetic metal particles and high-density particle packing combining to provide extremely durable high output characteristics. Exclusive technology also ensures a mirror-smooth magnetic surface for optimal head contact. This results in a high C/N ratio in the short-wavelength range necessary for digital recording.

Additionally, a new binder material with strong adhesion characteristics provides high reliability and reduced head clogging, even under the extreme demands of ENG/EFP fieldwork and the repeated still-frame and high-speed shuttle operations of editing.

Fujifilm SX321's performance characteristics are safely maintained by an anti-oxidant layer that is applied to the surface of the magnetic particles to guarantee archival stability. Also, exclusive technologies prevent tape shrinkage and keep the error rate low by preventing the mistracking that can often result from changes over time in track pattern dimensions.

The SX321 offers high-precision, high-rigidity cassette shells to effectively meet the demands of long-term storage and outdoor shooting. The shells guard against tape deformation and damage, and ensure stable tape transport even when used under the most demanding conditions. In addition, the SX321's cassette shell and case effectively prevent dust and dirt from getting into the cassette. Distinctive color-coding also makes it easy to differentiate the tapes from Betacam, Betacam SP and Digital Betacam cassettes.

For more information on Fujifilm's SX321 videocassettes and other professional audio and video products, please visit www.fujifilm.ca or call 1-800-663-0690

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