Hitachi Announces Nine New HDTV Monitors
May 29, 2001

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NEW YORK (May 29, 2001) -- The Home Electronics Division of Hitachi America, Ltd. today announced nine new HDTV Monitors for 2001, ranging from $1,799 to $3,999. "Hitachi has been active in the development of the HDTV market, and the technology has continued to improve as the market has developed over the past four years," said Bill Whalen, Sr. Product and Marketing Manager for the Hitachi Home Electronics Division. "During the transition to HDTV, Hitachi recognizes the consumer demand for products that perform well with both NTSC and HDTV formats," said Whalen. "These new models will provide the consumer with unprecedented picture quality regardless of the signal source."

Hitachi's wide neck CRT provides a larger sweet spot for the electron beam produces better focus and detail across the entire screen. Additionally, Hitachi's capability to produce lens systems which have larger apertures provide the ability to pass more light & detail through the lens systems, which result in a sharper and brighter picture.

Hitachi also introduced today a new technology called D3VirtualHD digital signal processing. D3VirtualHD is a technology that gives the consumer the ability to choose between a 540p or 1080i display capability. D3VirtualHD matches the resolution of the broadcast signal to the high resolution monitor, giving the consumer a sharper, more detailed image that's smoother and more film-like than a 480p signal.

Highlighted Features for 2001
In addition to its D3VirtualHD digital signal processing circuitry and its proprietary, high quality lens and CRT technologies, Hitachi's 2001 television line includes the following features:

-- Magic Focus 8 Sensor - Automatic Digital Convergence: In order to get top HDTV Monitor performance, adjustments need to be made for magnetic fields in the environment that can degrade picture quality. With the touch of just one button, the SWX series will use 8 sensors to adjust the electronic alignment of the red, green and blue CRT's for each consumer's unique home environment.

-- New Magic Focus 4 Sensor - Automatic Digital Convergence: Hitachi's new Magic Focus 4 (included in the SBX, UDX and UWX series projection televisions) will adjust the picture to match the home environment in as little as 10 seconds.

-- User-Selectable Scan Velocity Modulation: Hitachi's new selectable scan velocity modulation feature gives users the option of engaging the function, which accentuates the picture edge definition between light and dark areas.

-- User Selectable Black Level Expansion: Hitachi's new user-selectable black level expansion mode improves the picture's perceived contrast ratio when engaged.

-- Selectable Aspect Ratio Screen Modes: Hitachi's selectable aspect ratio screen modes give viewers the option to mold content to specific preferences. With 4:3 digital models, consumers can now easily select between four new aspect ratio modes to suit 16:9 sources: Aspect No. 1 for Gray Bars, which minimizes uneven aging of phosphors; Aspect No. 2 for Black Bars, which vertically compresses 1080i images with no loss of vertical information; Aspect No. 3 for Zoom, which eliminates bars and crops image; and Aspect No. 4 for Vertical Expansion Mode, which expands only the top and bottom edges of the image with no image cropping.

-- Enhanced On-screen Display: Hitachi's enhanced on-screen display features easy point-and-click operation, new easy-to-read icons and fonts. English, Spanish and French languages are supported. Additionally, Hitachi has unified on-screen display for all its digital and analog televisions.

-- Enhanced Remote Control: Hitachi's 2001 digital televisions are shipped with an enhanced remote control that features easy-to-use aspect ratio control, which navigates aspect ratio modes with a simple touch of a button. Also, the remote control includes new discrete input buttons and IR input codes.

16:9 HDTV Monitors/NTSC Televisions
Hitachi's UltraVision Digital 61SWX10B and 53SWX10B 16:9 HDTV Monitors deliver digital television technology and high definition capabilities. The SWX features Hitachi's D3VirtualHD digital signal processing and Magic Focus 8 as well as Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, the High Brightness 6 Element Lens System and new silver cabinet design. The 61SWX10B and the 53SWX10B retail for $3,999 and $3,499 respectively and will be available August 2001.

Hitachi expands the offering of UltraVision Digital 16:9 widescreen TV's with a new series for 2001. The UWX series adds a new size, 43 inches to compliment the 53 and 61 inch sizes. Featuring 1,200 lines of resolution and a 5-element lens system for optimal picture display. In addition, the UWX features Magic Focus 4, 1080i/540p display and four screen fill modes. These sets include SRS/BBE surround sound with two 24-watt front speakers. Additional features include multi-view PiP, a remote with TSI discrete coding and new silver face cabinet design. The 61UWX10B retails for $3,499 and will be available August 2001. The 53UWX10B and the 43UWX10B retail for $2,999 and $2,199, respectively, and will be available July 2001.

4:3 HDTV Monitors/NTSC Televisions
Hitachi's UltraVision Digital 4:3 digital projection line features the 61 and 53-inch HDTV Monitor UDX series (61UDX10B and 53UDX10B) with D3VirtualHD digital signal processing circuitry. The UDX series also features 1,200 lines of resolution, 1080i/540p display resolution, a 5-element lens system and Magic Focus 4 automatic digital convergence system. Other features include multi-view PiP, two component inputs and SRS/BBE surround sound with 24-watt front speakers. The 61UDX10B retails for $2,999 and will be available August 2001. The 53UDX10B retails for $2,499 and will be available July 2001.

Hitachi's FDX series of UltraVision Digital 4:3 digital projection sets, the 43FDX11B and 43FDX10B, feature D3VirtualHD digital signal processing circuitry. Hitachi's FDX series boasts selectable 1080i or 540p display with a 5-element lens system and 9 point digital convergence. Additional features include SRS surround sound, multi-view PiP, two component video inputs and a digital 3D Y/C comb filter that improves resolution and eliminates picture noise. The 43FDX11B (which includes a high contrast protective shield) and 43FDX10B retail for $1,999 and $1,799 respectively and will be available July 2001.

4:3 NTSC Projection Televisions
Hitachi's 2001 4:3 analog television line includes the SBX, GX and DX series. First up in the category is Hitachi's UltraVision 53SBX10B, a 53-inch set that features Hitachi's 5-element High Brightness and High Contrast lens system, Magic Focus 4, 3D Y/C comb filter, multi-view four PiP and front A/V/S inputs. For a theater-like experience, the 53-inch SBX offers virtual SRS Tru-Surround sound with a 24 watt speaker system. The 53SBX10B retails for $1,999 and will be available August 2001.

Hitachi's GX series (50GX30B and 43GX10B) features a 5-element lens system and 850 lines of resolution with digital 2-line comb filter. In addition, the GX offers multi-view PiP, matrix surround sound, a total of three audio video inputs in the rear and one in the front, and 9-point digital convergence. The 50GX30B retails for $1,699 and will be available July 2001. The 43GX10B retails for $1,599 and will be available June 2001.

Rounding out Hitachi's analog 4:3 projection television line is the DX series (60DX10B and the 50DX10B). These sets feature two tuner PiP, manual 9-point convergence and 850 lines of resolution for a clear, focused picture. Other features include matrix surround sound with two 24-watt front speakers, an upgraded remote and new on-screen design. The 60DX10B retails for $1,899 and will be available July 2001. The 50DX10B retails for $1,399 and will be available June 2001.

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