RDS to broadcast the Hockey Series in Dolby Surround
April 21, 2003

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Montreal, – Newly equipped with Dolby Surround DP 563 encoder, DP 564 decoder and Dynaudio Acoustics Air 6 loudspeakers, Le Reseau Des Sports (Sports Network) completed the last step towards the production of Dolby Surround content which marks a significant turning point in the broadcast of the Hockey Series. RDS becomes the first Canadian Sportscaster available on regular cable to broadcast in a multichannel format.

“Le Réseau des sports becomes the first Canadian specialized TV network to present a major sport event in Dolby Surround. For RDS, this technological addition is the answer to our will to maximize the proximity between the hockey broadcast and its audience. The presentation of the Hockey Series allow us to pursue the close relationship that we have eveloped with our audience since the beginning of the season in offering a product of quality, t the same time higher and diverting " stated Michel Gagnon, vice-president marketing.

The DP563 Dolby Surround and Pro Logic II Encoder is designed to encode multichannel rogram material for Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro Logic II release. The resulting matrix-encoded, two-channel material can be distributed via any analog or digital consumer medium, such as television broadcasts, radio, PC and console games, CDs, and VHS tapes. Facilities creating surround content for two-channel distribution formats will find the DP563 an invaluable tool.

The original Dolby Surround Pro Logic system features four channels: Left, Center, Right, and a mono, band-limited (100 Hz to 7 kHz) Surround channel. Dolby Pro Logic II is an updated matrix surround system providing full-range stereo surround outputs (Left and Right Surround) and improved matrix steering, resulting in greater channel separation and an exceptionally stable soundfield.

The DP564 enables decoding and monitoring of programs with Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround Pro Logic , or regular PCM soundtracks, as well as Dolby Digital Surround EX TM and Pro Logic II decoding, making it the ideal digital reference decoder for both Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround.

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