Samsung DLP Televisions reflect Canadians’ desire for the perfect picture Samsung launches next-generation televisions featuring the Samsung Optical System using DLP Technology
May 12, 2003

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Toronto, - Samsung Electronics Canada Inc., a leading supplier of consumer electronics and information technology in the Canadian market, has announced the launch of three new rear-projection high-definition (HDTV) television sets – the 43” HLN4365W, the 50” HLN5065W and the 61” HLN617W – featuring the Samsung Optical System using Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The company is the first manufacturer to bring televisions using DLP technology to market across Canada.

Samsung DLP televisions feature revolutionary technology, including the Samsung Optical System using DLP technology, to achieve unmatched picture quality, stronger audio performance and increased reliability. Delivering clear, sharp, bright and accurate images, Samsung DLP televisions unleash the full potential of any content on display, whether it's movies or video games, sports or DVDs – and people at home can enjoy the benefits of a true home theatre system at a significantly lower price than current premium television sets.

"Canadians are demanding a higher image quality in TV viewing,” says Pat Button, executive director of sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. “Samsung DLP televisions give viewers the best of all possible worlds: unmatched picture quality, the theatre-like experience of a projection TV in a manageable size, and an affordable price."

The Samsung Optical System using DLP technology

Samsung has employed next-generation technology from Texas Instruments called DLP to display images on television in an entirely new way. DLP technology, which consists of a tiny, second-generation digital micromirror device (DMD) that has close to a million tiny mirrors, reproduces the exact mirror image of its source, resulting in a crystal clear onscreen image. DLP brightness and colour levels outshine the alternatives because light is used more efficiently. It also offers a range of colours up to eight times greater than traditional analogue projection systems.

The Samsung Optical System has other components it adds to DLP technology to perfect the transmission of the images from the chip. Some of these enhancements include a stable lamp, colour wheel, high definition lens, surface mirror and micro fine pitch screen. The Samsung DLP televisions incorporate features such as a sleek and lightweight design, energy efficiency and the ability to accept multiple HD video platforms. The detailed image appears on the screen with less glare and has a wide viewing angle for convenient living room and home theatre set-up. With all this new technology, Samsung DLP televisions are available at a price considerably lower than most plasma televisions.

The next step in HDTV

Samsung DLP televisions are also high definition television sets. Offering more than five times the picture quality of regular televisions, HDTV is a major step forward in the way we watch our programming, replicating the format by which movies are shown in the theatres. While standard television sets have a width to height ratio of 4:3, HDTV sets have a ratio of 16:9. Also, HDTV almost doubles the number of lines on the screen from 525 to 1,080, allowing for a clearer, more detailed picture. Just as HDTV is on its way to becoming the standard for television broadcasting, movie and television production and DVDs, DLP will be the next step in HDTV.

Samsung DLP televisions are now available in three sizes – the 43” HLN4365W
(MSRP $4,999.99), 50” HLN5065W (MSRP $5,999.99) and the 61” HLN617W
(MSRP $7,499.99) – at Future Shop, Leon’s, Best Buy and other consumer electronic and home décor stores across Canada.

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