Sony unveils full line of multi-format switchers Product applications cover OB vans, live events and corporate

May 4, 2005

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Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading supplier of electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today unveiled its full line of multi-format production switchers, including the DVS-9000, MFS-2000 and MVS-8000A.

More than 5,400 Sony production switchers, including DVS, HDS, MVS and MFS Series models, have been delivered world-wide to professional users in a diverse range of applications including corporate, houses of worship, OB van and education.

Key features of Sony's current switcher family are a common interface and core design technology across the line.

The standard-definition (SD) DVS-9000 and the multi-format MVS-8000A both share the same control panels, operational software and control data systems. The MFS-2000 model builds upon the technologies developed for Sony's MVS-8000A/DVS-9000 line, and its introduction further extends the family to include a small-format, entry-level member. The MFS-2000 is designed for broadcast, corporate and educational, live and post-production applications, as well as mobile news units that are tight on space but still need strong effects capabilities.

New features of the Sony switcher line include a “Plug-in Editor” that provides editing functionality from within the MVS, DVS or MFS switcher system. The switchers also integrate seamlessly into automated newsroom systems to provide multi-format support for station broadcasts.

Sony production switchers have increasingly become the mobile technology of choice for high-profile live event production. Events over the past 12 months that have involved Sony switchers included the NFL Championship Game, the Daytona 500, the Academy Awards® and the Grammy Awards®.

“It became necessary to provide the means for both HD program origination and SD distribution based on the needs of particular geographies,” said Ellen Heine, Product Manager, Post Production Products, Broadcast & Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. “The MVS-8000 switchers have satisfied many software requirements and user preferences, while also meeting and exceeding our high standards for production values.”

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