HHB Canada Introduces CDP-88 Professional CD Player

September 30, 2005

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On show at AES Barcelona for the first time anywhere in the world, HHBs new CDP-88 is an easy-to-use, 1U rack-mounting CD player packed with an unprecedented array of professional features. With sonic integrity assured by 24-bit Delta Sigma D/A converters, a full complement of analog and digital connectivity and the unique facility to sync to Word Clock at any frequency from 32 to 96kHz (even in varispeed), no other CD player is as well equipped for such a wide variety of applications.

Unlike some professional CD players, discs are tray-loaded, not via a slot in the front panel, which can lead to disc scratching and dust contamination. Compatible with 8 and 12cm discs, the CDP-88 plays CD and MP3-CD from CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs, with the additional facilities to play unfinalised CD-R/RW discs and indicate error rates via the front panel display.

Analog outputs encompass balanced XLR and unbalanced phono (RCA) connectors, while digital outputs include AES/EBU and optical/coaxial SPDIF. Remote control facilities are equally comprehensive with both RS232 and parallel remote connections provided, and the infra-red remote control supplied as standard can be converted into a wired remote (for single player control in multiple player systems) using the cable supplied.

The CDP-88 includes a RAM buffer for instant start, a playback shock buffer to ensure uninterrupted performance if the player is knocked, and a digital output attenuator, making it ideal for use as a fallback programme source.
Additional features including a fader start interface, track intro and outro display modes, frame accurate cueing with jog sound, +/ 12.5% varispeed and displays for elapsed time, track time remaining and disc time remaining, further establish the CDP-88s credentials for professional use.

Speaking at the launch of the CDP-88, HHB Communications Managing Director Ian Jones said, HHB CD recorders have already earned a reputation for performance and reliability, with thousands of units in daily use in facilities around the world. Now, with the CDP-88, HHB has developed a CD player that delivers the full set of features required by professional users in a compact, 1U device. The CDP-88 is just the start of an exciting new range of HHB professional products, and evidence of HHBs continuing commitment to producing the reliable, high-performance equipment our customers demand.

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