How to use our digital edition website

  1. You can easily read through the entire edition by clicking on the second page showing in the 'thumbnail list' on the left side, then, holding your mouse in the same place, click again to see the next page. By keeping your mouse in this position, the display updates with the next page's contents each time you click after that.

  2. Or, you can roll your mouse over the word 'headlines' at the top left to view a list of sections and story headlines within each section. Click a section name to go to that section, or select a story headline to go directly to that page.
  3. Once at a page, you can roll your mouse over the page image to see a 'framing box' that highlights the story you will see on the right if you click on it.
  4. On the Menu bar above the page itself, to the left and right of the edition date, you can click on the    and    page icons to go to the previous and next page.
  5. Hover over the page number in the same menu bar next to the date to display a list of pages from which you can select a page to go directly to.
  6. To make a list of items disappear, simply roll your mouse off of the list.
  7. You can download the PDF of a page by clicking on "PDF of Page" at the top right in the story menu
  8. Send an email containing an article by clicking on 'Print/Email' in the stoy menu