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Broadcaster Magazine - January 2000


Cover Story: Clearing the air on HDTV
HDTV's future is growing fuzzy with claims the transmission standard is flawed. Fortunately, Canadian broadcasters can wait out the storm.

Are you as confused as I am?

HDTV Special Report: The new media era: Crisis or catharsis for Canadian TV broadcasters and producers?
As we enter the 21st century, broadcasting is entering a new media age, one which will challenge the industry like never before.

HDTV Special Report: Look to a business plan, not just technical specs, to get ready for HDTV

HDTV Special Report: DTV: the past year and the year ahead

HDTV Special Report: World wide DVB standard benefits North American efforts

HDTV Special Report: The value of HDTV in the post environment

HDTV Special Report: DTV: hands on


Industry News

"Pirate" Web site craves to develop Canadian Internet superstations

CRTC to license digital TV channels by year's end

Cash-strapped CBC won't expand services, president says

Point of View

Working up an appetite for iCraveTV


Longtime political broadcaster Colin Vaughan dies at home

Tracking Trends

A winning Internet strategy for broadcasters
Broadcaster is pleased to introduce a new regular column from the BBM on trends in the industry.

The Last Word

The Future is now: new media and trade -- two essential priorities for Canada's private broadcasters in the new millennium


The Future