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Broadcaster Magazine - January 2003


The big picture:
After spending four decades in the broadcasting industry, the founder of CanWest Global prepares to step down with an eye still on the future.

Branching Out
With a national TV network now in place, CanWest looks to capture the digital TV market

Winning the Newspaper Wars
The National Post's Peter Viner says his national newspaper is here to stay.

Making a Difference
Giving back to the community remains a top priority at CanWest

From Winnipeg to the World: 25 Years of Making the Impossible Possible

Taking It to the Next Level
Leonard Asper reveals his convergence strategy

Global's Digital Newsroom
Using technology to bring its journalists together



In Memoriam (January 01, 2003)

Rick Arnish awarded commemorative medal

Guest Column

CAB and Bell ExpressVu MOU - A new step in the right direction