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Broadcaster Magazine - March 2001


Cover Story

Letting the genie out of the bottle

Number of Programming, Transmitting & Radiocommunication Distribution Undertakings by Type, by Fiscal Year

New Products

Cell phone users can respond to radio ads

CFTPA Prime Time Conference: CTV announces multi-million dollar production benefits

CFTPA Prime Time Conference: Independent producers fear broadcast-affiliated companies

CFTPA Prime Time Conference: Break free of videotape, producers are urged

ITV Unleashed: Unleashing interactive TV
For ITV to succeed carriers must work with marketers says Forrester

ITV Unleashed: Digital customers watch more TV

ITV Unleashed: Bell ExpressVu plans ITV service

ITV Unleashed: Interactive digital TV will reach 625 million viewers by 2005


DAB Developments

News (March 01, 2001)

News on the Net

Web users willing to give up TV for Internet

Bilingual site developed for

CHUM to stream CD quality music

Industry News

Cancon TV spending up but viewing falls

Aes Update

Why professional 1-bit sigma-delta conversion is a bad idea

News Briefs

Timmins station Canada's biggest Christian broadcaster

Rogers to quit CAB in policy rift

Profit up 10% at AAC

Corus stations to share talent

Moffat sells WTN to Corus for $205 million (March 01, 2001)

CTV refused extra time to sell SportsNet

Revealing "swingers" segment broadcast too early

Applications for an ethnic TV service in Vancouver

Quebecor Media to cut 420 of 850 jobs

Arbitrators to decide ROBTv ownership

CHUM makes late bid for digital TV licenses

Point of View

Hobbled CRTC facing policy vacuum


Lab squeezes HDTV into standard TV channel

Bush seeks tax on broadcaster's DTV spectrum

The Last Word

Private radio -- building Canadian stars


Cell phone users can respond to radio ads

In Memoriam (March 01, 2001)

New management team at CJNT-TV


How do you measure success?

Tracking Trends

Highlights from the Staying Tuned 2001 Conference: New Media session