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Broadcaster Magazine - September 2009


Yes We CanCon
Broadcast Documentary Series Celebrates Canadian Music, Acknowledges Regulatory Reasons for Industry Success

40 Years of Warm Memories

The Bias Of Communication
Old or New, Hard or Soft, Media Matters;



TSN Celebrates Its 25th Year With Huge Audiences

Digital Flows With New Ideas
"It's just a file," says Canadian documentarian and award-winning filmmaker Ron Mann of his latest production. As such, he doesn't resist if his movie is on YouTube or a computer memory stick. In fact, that's how he sells it.;

CBC Develops Own Apps for Media Consumption Anywhere, Anytime, Any device

Festival Des Films Du Monde Gives A Big French Kiss
The 33rd Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF) Had Its Biggest And Most Successful Event In A Number Of Years This September. Heavily Attended By A Veritable Rainbow Of Cultures From Every Corner Of The Globe, People Came Together For The Love And Passion Of Film -- If Not The Unlimited Free Wine And Beer Every Night On The Balcony Of The Hyatt Hotel.

Saskatchewan Leads The Way With Real-Life Digital Drama
It's reality programming of a different type.

Sounds Important

We Need Fewer Experts

The View From Here

You Say It's Your Birthday!?! Well ...