2001 Media Kit

BROADCASTER is the industry recognized business publication that serves Canada's intensely competitive and rapidly changing communications industry.  BROADCASTER's time proven and award winning editorial excellence, combined with the most targeted, CCAB audited circulation list gives advertisers the most cost-effective promotion medium to reach Canada's communications industry.  For over 57 years BROADCASTER, the communication's industry publication of record, has been the integral media buy to reach your prime target markets in the Canadian communications industry.

CCAB Audited Circulation
Qualified subscribers include every Canadian radio and television station, audio and video production/post-production facilities, telephone companies, wireless providers, cable operators, OEM's and distributors/dealers, government agencies (federal and provincial), advertising agencies, nation advertisers, Internet providers and consultants.

     BROADCASTER's circulation is divided between engineering and management personnel to ensure that advertisements receive exposure to the industry decision-makers and the people with the buying authority.  BROADCASTER's circulation gives your advertisements exposure to the people who use the equipment, the people who make the technical purchasing recommendations and the people who sign the cheques.

     BROADCASTER's circulation is audited by the Canadian Circulation Audit Board.  The CCAB provides a reliable, unbiased source of media data prepared by an independent body whose sole mandate is the auditing of a publications's circulation list.  This verification of total circulation figures includes name, title,occupation, and qualification.  The benefit between various publication's audiences, especially those publications which are not CCAB audited.               

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BROADCASTER's editorial is directed to both the management and technical readers in Canada's communications industry.  Each month our award winning editorial staff provides the best in industry coverage to both the management and technical reader.  The dependable excellence of BROADCASTER's editorial content and diligent coverage ensures people using the equipment, the people making the technical purchasing recommendations, the people purchasing programming and the people approving and paying for thse purchases all have exposure to your advertising message.


BROADCASTER has a completely computerized reader service program which ensure our advertisers convert more of the sales leads generated in Broadcaster into sales.  Also available is our FAX READER ENQUIRY SERVICE.   Advertisers can receive their sales leads, within hours, faxed to them.  The benefits to the advertiser with this delivery service are:
  • SAVE TIME! - No wasted delays in the mail; your sales leads are faxed to you immediately. Faster response means faster results.
  • BEAT THE COMPETITION! - While your competitors are waiting for their leads to be delivered, your salespeople can be knocking on your prospect's doors.
  • REACH YOUR PROSPECTS WHILE THEY'RE HOT! - You can target your prospects with your information while its still fresh in their minds, hence increased sales potential for your company.

     BROADCASTER's FAX ENQUIRY SERVICE is designed to help our advertisers generate sales leads FAST; you can devote immediate attention to your prospects and maximize your sales opportunities.   It's one of BROADCASTER's contributions to ensuring your continued success!


BROADCASTER publishes a Direcotry each May and November.  Long referred to as the "bible" of the industry the BROADCASTER Directories are the most comprehensive information source available on the Canadian communications industry.  The Directories are retained and consulted continuously, by the industry decision-makers.  Your advertising message receives the most cost-effective delivery available.


  • Making contact far beyond the reach of your sales force, direct mail program or E-mail program.
  • Creating product awareness among prospects
  • Creating quality leads for your sales force to follow-up
  • Building product/brand preference
  • Increasing your sales
  • Increasing your market share
  • Boosting profits


The next time an advertising decision is being made, review what the important criteria are for a successful advertising campaign and you'll find BROADCASTER gives you the most complete delivery available.
  • Independent, CCAB audited circulation to decision makers in your target markets
  • Informative and reliable editorial your customers read and refer to, hence continual exposure to your advertising message.
  • Cost-effective advertising which offers exposure to the greatest number of qualified readers, for the lowers dollars.
  • FAX Reader Enquiry Service
  • Advertising support through creative marketing input and follow-up research and development