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Discovery Canada Celebrates 20th. Anniversary

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Commemorating two  decades of  factual entertainment in Canada, Discovery celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. Discovery has always been at the forefront of change, and leading the way is Daily Planet which, beginning today through Friday, Jan. 9, presents “Future Tech Week”, marking the anniversary milestone by looking forward to what the world might be like in the next 20 years.

“Since we launched the channel on January 1, 1995, the content has changed dramatically, but we have consistently led Canadian specialty TV with the strongest brand and the best programming,” said Discovery President Paul Lewis, who has been with the channel since its inception. “This is a wonderful celebration of 20 years on the air, and also a tribute to the creativity and passion that has driven our storytelling and our ratings, year after year.”

Leading up this important moment in Canadian television history, Discovery was recently honoured as Playback’s Channel of the Year, citing a range of landmark successes and achievements, particularly in its unique approach to homegrown programming as a staple of its prime time lineup. Evolving to meet the interests of audiences since its inception, Discovery has maintained its steadfast commitment to maintaining and cultivating quality Canadian TV. This commitment to Canadian productions, along with a stellar lineup of acquired international programming, has propelled the channel to reclaim its position as Canada’s #1 entertainment specialty channel among Adults 25-54 in primetime this season.

As Discovery looks to 20 more years on the airwaves, the channel’s hit flagship show Daily Planet peers into the future of game-changing technology with “Future Tech Week” this week. Anchored by Dan Riskin from the program’s Toronto studio, and Ziya Tong co-hosting from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas alongside Tech Correspondent Lucas Cochran, the trio will cast an inquisitive eye to the latest, most innovative, and most buzzed-about future tech.

Highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Future Tech Week” include:

· The smart basketball: stuffed with sensors to track a player’s every move and armed with an app to play it all back on their smart device.

The future of transportation? A real, functioning hover board has finally arrived!

In a world first, DAILY PLANET gets exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the future of warfare tech in Britain.

The Google Lunar X-Prize challenge is heating up, and DAILY PLANET speaks to an X-Prize judge in Tokyo tasked with judging the half-million dollar Milestone Mobility Prize.

The future of shopping? DAILY PLANET checks out the underwater store.

Dude: where’s my flying car? DAILY PLANET follows a test flight of the Aeromobile prototype in Slovakia.

DAILY PLANET will also look back at some key and pivotal moments from Discovery’s past. A curated collection of these “moments” and fun facts can be enjoyed now on the 20 Years of Discovery Hubub page, where viewers can celebrate by reliving classic Discovery moments, personalities, and programming!

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